Sound Resistant Windows

What’s disturbing your good night’s sleep?  Is it barking dogs, airplanes flying overhead or traffic noises in your busy neighborhood?  Sound resistant windows can muffle all of these annoying sounds that transfer into your house through your closed windows.

The focus in June on the start of the 2011 Hurricane Season combined with neighborhood noises that plaque homeowners every day, makes now the ideal time to consider the multitude of benefits associated with having impact and sound resistant windows and doors in your home.

“Many people don’t realize that sound transmittance through windows can be the difference between enjoying ‘home sweet home’ and suffering through sleepless nights of car alarms and traffic sounds,” says Gary Pember, vice president for Simonton Windows®. “Along with being exceptionally energy efficient, windows with an impact resistant glass package are also sound resistant and can greatly reduce the transmittance of sounds into the home by more than 50 percent.”

Impact resistant Simonton StormBreaker Plus® windows and doors are also sound resistant.  Typically installed in homes in geographic areas that experience hurricanes and severe weather, these products are also known for their exceptional sound resistance. Some of these windows can help lower the transmittance of outdoor noises into the home by 50 percent over standard window glass.

“These windows are a secret weapon for people living in noisy locations who want to make their homes into an oasis of peacefulness,” says Pember. “Whether you live in a bustling downtown area condo or a house near a major shopping area, these sound control windows can transform your home into a calmer, quieter living space.  To help protect against severe weather and keep outside noises on the exterior of the home, Simonton StormBreaker Plus vinyl windows and doors are constructed of remarkably sturdy reinforced vinyl profiles. Insulating glass units feature impact-resistant laminated glass that helps withstand high winds and flying debris without the need for plywood or shutters. Energy-efficient, impact-resistant StormBreaker Plus windows and doors are tested to meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards for use in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) for the Florida Building Commission and to meet the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) evaluation for the Texas Gulf Coast.

Pember points out that an investment in impact resistant Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows have a multitude of benefits for homeowners, including:

  • Energy-efficiency features that help reduce energy costs for the home.
  • Impact-resistant features that protect the home during severe weather and intruder attempts.
  • Potential reduction in homeowner insurance costs due to the impact-resistant features that help protect the home from potential burglaries and severe weather conditions.

To ensure that Simonton StormBreaker Plus products can meet the challenge of severe weather and noisy neighbors, Simonton tests their products in certified test laboratories for impact, structural, condensation and thermal conditions.  The state-of-the-art labs replicate severe weather conditions that would otherwise be found only in hazardous, real-life applications.

“We conduct everything from air-cannon tests that simulate flying debris during a hurricane to wind-driven rains in our labs,” says Pember. “This helps our Simonton engineers refine our product designs and assure they continually meet industry codes and standards.

“Impact resistant windows are an important investment for a homeowner. They provide energy efficiency and enhance the home environment with resistance to noise, severe weather and intruders. That’s a winning combination.”

Simonton Windows produces ENERGY STAR® qualified replacement and new construction windows and doors, including a line of impact and sound resistant windows. For information, call (800) SIMONTON (1-800-746-6686) or visit

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