The Perfect Solution for Hard Water Problems

If you have hard water problems, you know it. Hard water makes it tough to lather up in the shower and wash clothes, and it’s harmful to your plumbing fixtures. Telltale mineral deposits that get left behind on shower heads or inside water heaters can shorten the life of your plumbing system and sometimes even make it grind to a complete halt.

Hard water problems happen when your water supply has high calcium and magnesium levels. Hard water can come from a well or municipal water source and traditionally the solutions are costly or troublesome to use.

For decades, millions have relied on traditional salt water softeners as a way to treat their hard water problems. However, as consumers become more health conscious and environmentally sound, they are turning to more high-tech solutions. One such solution is the FREIJE EasyWater System.

EasyWater eliminates most hard water problems without using salt or harmful chemicals, yet keeps the beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water. Traditional salt water softeners take out these beneficial minerals in a process called ion exchange, and replace those minerals with twice as much sodium.

The EasyWater system sends electronic frequencies through the wall of the pipe and into the water. As a result the minerals lose their electrostatic charge, and do not stick to piping, water heaters, and other water using equipment. In addition, when this conditioned water comes in contact with existing mineral deposits in your home, they are dissolved and removed over time.

The system can be installed yourself and does not require any plumbing work to resolve the hard water problem.  You simply wrap the signal wire around your main water pipe.  The unit is mounted on the wall nearby and is about the size of a college text book.

EasyWater is better a better solution for hard water and for the environment.  Salt discharged by water softeners is not removed by waste water treatment plants and ends up in our lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers. That is why salt water softeners have recently had restrictive bans placed on them in states such as Texas, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

EasyWater does not use or discharge salt or harmful chemicals.  EasyWater is beneficial to vegetation and has been proven to increase plant growth. Salt water softeners also use considerable amounts of water during their regeneration process. By eliminating softeners, water will be saved with EasyWater.

EasyWater is better for your health, too.  Salt type water softeners add a significant amount of sodium into water, which is why Doctors advise patients with high blood pressure to not drink or even shower in salt softened water.  Your skin absorbs more water than you realize when showering which contributes to increased sodium levels in your diet when using a salt water softener.  Unlike salt softeners, EasyWater does not remove the beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals from your hard water and does not add sodium, making it healthier to drink and shower in.

Finally, EasyWater is a better solution than water softener for your plumbing and appliances.  Salt softened water is corrosive to appliances and copper piping.  EasyWater significantly lengthens the life of water appliances and causes them to run more efficiently.  Unlike a salt water softener, EasyWater eliminates hard water scale buildup problems in water appliances and even removes existing buildup without adding salt.

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