Skylight Installation Tips

Skylights can open rooms up to natural light, make small spaces seem larger and help lower your utility bills.  Plus, some studies show that people who are exposed to more sunlight may boost their Vitamin D intake, which is known to strengthen teeth and bones.

However, if your skylight is not installed right and you end up with costly water damage.  When building skylights – or other roof details like valleys, rake edges, chimneys, ridges and dormer walls – make sure your installation includes precautions to prevent water permeation.  Specialized flashing is available, such as Grace Roof Detail Membrane – a flexible membrane that conforms tightly to roof details, including skylights, to seal out driving rain and prevent leaks.  

Adding skylights in your home can create an inexpensive source of light, just pay careful attention to make sure that only light and not leaks, finds it’s way into your house.  

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