Self Cleaning Plumbing Drain System

bathroom drain odors

Year-round, clogged sinks can cause time-consuming mini-emergencies, but installing the PermaFLOW self-cleaning, green drain system now will keep things running smoothly.

Made of recyclable components, the PermaFLOW self cleaning drain system provides the features of conventional P-traps used with sinks and lavatories, but creates flow turbulence to break down and propel debris away. Even better, it’s two traps in one, with an upper chamber bypass for full flow in emergency situations.

Self Cleaning Drain SystemTransparent ABS construction with an easy-to-rotate external paddle design swipes potential buildup and makes for easy retrieval of dropped jewelry and toys.

And, in other green benefits, the PermaFLOW self cleaning drain system functions smoothly with high-efficiency faucets, eliminates the need for hazardous chemical drain cleaners, prevents contaminant buildup, and reduces water waste and system pollution with its support of gray water recycling.

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