The Right Patio Door Can Protect Against Winter’s Worst

Fall means the days are getting shorter and the air is starting to cool. The kids are in full swing at school, the leaves are changing colors and families are spending some last minute time on the patio before winter. Whether you live in an area where the first snowfall is not far off or in a state where warmer temperatures will hold on a bit longer, it’s a prime time to think about your patio door and ensure it is up to par for the change of seasons.

Right now, there is added incentive to replace the doors to your home. If you purchase and install a qualified entry or patio door before the end of the year you may be eligible for a tax credit of up to $1,500 per household. (Visit for more information)
As you prepare for the winter season, Therma-Tru® provides tips on choosing a patio door system for your home. 
Patio doors keep heat in, cold out
A lot of energy can escape through the patio door if the door is rusted, warped or cracked. When it comes to choosing a patio door, you don’t have to favor form over function or vice versa. Fiberglass patio doors can perform this balancing act delivering both energy efficiency and design appeal to your home. Most are ENERGY-STAR® qualified and provide four times the insulation of a wood door yet will not rot, split, crack or rot like wood, or rust, dent or ding like steel. What’s more, there are a variety of hinged and sliding door styles with details to complement your home’s interior and exterior design.
Since winter weather can change quickly, you’ll want to choose a patio door that protects your home from inclement weather while also keeping the heat in. Proper protection from the elements means your patio doors will have to be able to handle the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Look for features such as a profiled sill that provides flush contact with the door bottom to seal out air and water; a door bottom sweep that prevents air and water from leaking in; and a rain deflector that repels water away from all sealing components.
Therma-Tru offers patio doors available with its Therma-Tru Tru-Defense® Door System to protect your home from cold air and water infiltration. Tru-Defense is the result of advanced engineering that virtually eliminates air and water leaks. The doors can even withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour and water conditions equal to 8 inches of rain per hour driven by 49 mph winds. Therma-Tru stands behind the Tru-Defense Door Systems, offering homeowners reimbursement up to $2,000 should water infiltrate into the home.
A sense of security
Just as you consider protection against weather, you should also take note of any security risks. Patio doors are an easy target for intruders if the doors are worn and warped and lack a proper locking system. Many Therma-Tru sliding and hinged patio doors are offered with a multi-point locking system that engages the door frame at three points instead of just one, which adds security and strength to the door system. In addition, the lock keeps the door panel seated squarely in the frame, ensuring proper alignment and weather sealing even if the house settles.
The multi-point locking system also features a mishandling device — the locking points can only be engaged when the door is properly closed and latched, preventing damage to the door and trim.
With these things in mind, you’ll be prepared to pick a patio door that will protect your home during any season, including winter’s worst.

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