Prevent Leaks Around Windows and Doors

When you’re weather-proofing your house, keep in mind that rain doesn’t always fall straight down and leaks don’t always come from overhead. Wind-driven rain can pound against the side of your home and leak into small, vulnerable cracks around the frames of your windows and doors, spreading as quickly and causing as much damage as any leak in your roof. 

Prevent Leaks Around Windows and Doors

To prevent this from happening, your windows and doors should be properly flashed. Grace Vycor Plus is agreat flashing solution. Packaged in convenient pre-cut strips, Grace Vycor V40 provides the same excellent protection as Grace Vycor Plus against water, air and moisture leaks in window and door openings and other flashing areas. Grace Vycor V40 is specifically designed to meet the federal code for weather-resistive barriers. It works in severe winter climates, milder climates and in coastal areas where wind-driven rain is common. Compatible with wood, plywood, concrete and masonry, it fully adheres to the substrate to prevent water from passing through.

Corners of windows and doors are especially vulnerable for water intrusion, and there is a very good product for protecting these specific areas called Grace VYCORners. These prefabricated corners for windows and doors ensure superior protection against leaks in those areas. Used in conjunction with Vycor flashing, Grace VYCORners makes the overall flashing installation faster and easier while ensuring high quality of work and fewer call backs.

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