Prefinished Hardwood Floors: All the Beauty with Less Work

Hardwood floors are practically the gold standard in flooring, and with good reason. They’re classic, they look great and they can increase your home’s perceived value by up to 10%.  When it comes to hardwood floors, one of the best choices is prefinished hardwood flooring.  Prefinished hardwood flooring means exactly that: all the sanding, finishing and sealing is done in the factory so you can enjoy your new floor immediately after installation. The big advantage this has over on site finishing is that you don’t have to worry about prepping the floor for stain, then waiting between coats.  In humid climates that wait could be a while! 

Between pet paws, children’s toys and furniture legs, floors often take the most abuse out of any part of your home, and you want to know that your floor will hold up to the stress.  If you’re going with prefinished hardwood flooring, you’ll find that Bellawood hardwood flooring offers the best prefinished hardwood floors on the market.  Bellawood Prefinished Hardwood Floors set the prefinished hardwood floor installationquality standard by introducing a groundbreaking finish so scratch-resistant it came with the first 50 year warranty. But now Bellawood floors are even more durable and backed by a certified 100-year transferable warranty on their finish, a clear coating of UV-cured aluminum oxide that provides superior wear and scratch resistance. The finish is applied to each board using a multi-layered, micro-particle process that ensures your floor will be nearly maintenance-free for years to come.  The result is a 100% natural floor with breathtaking graining and coloration, and proven durability that stands the test of time. In fact, when subjected to industry sandpaper abrasion tests, known as Taber Testing, Bellawood’s durability results were more than double most comparably priced floors.  One look and you’ll agree, it’s more than hardwood… it’s Bellawood.

Bellawood prefinished hardwood floors are available in a range of domestic and exotic hardwoods and exclusively sold at Lumber Liquidators, which has more than 200 locations in North America. To find a store near you, visit

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