Mold Proof Drywall

Did you know your drywall can end up feeding mold? In a typical home, 70% of the interior surfaces are comprised of drywall or wallboard with paper content that’s susceptible to mold when it comes in contact with moisture.

Stop Feeding Mold

Georgia-Pacific’s DensArmor® Plus is a new-generation paperless drywall that can help protect a home’s interior wall surfaces from the potential for mold development. Designed as a replacement for traditional paper-faced drywall for residential interiors,

DensArmor Plus drywall incorporates glass mats on the surfaces of the drywall instead of the paper found on traditional drywall. Substitution of glass-mat facings for paper facings removes a potential food source for mold. To learn more, visit

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  1. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask this question about mold stains on drywall.
    A few months ago I got mold stains on the drywall at the top of the walls. I have taken the steps of rid mysealf of the mold, but now I am left with the black stains on the mold.
    How do I get the stains off? Can I just paint over them using the stain block paint first, or do I have to replace the drywall.

  2. If you truly got rid of the source and used a product that gets down in porous surfaces like drywall to kill the roots. You may be able to use Zinser or Kilz to paint over it. If the stain disappears for a while and then reappears, you will know that you didn’t really kill the roots or stop the moisture source that was feeding it. Then it is time to remove the drywall and start fresh. As a mold remediation contractor, I normally would recommend removal because you often can’t get tot he back side to see if there is growth there. Since this is a ceiling, I recommend getting up in the attic to check the back side if you haven’t already done that. If it is on the back side as well, go ahead and remove it, this means the mold has gone through and exists in the gypsum itself. No matter what you used, it will be back if that is the case.

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