Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Nothing’s worse on a chilly morning than an unexpectedly cold shower, and there’s no greener, smarter way to prevent such a rude awakening than with a tankless hot water heater. A great solution for delivering cost-effective hot water to your home, a tankless hot water heater is energy efficient because it only heats water as it’s needed, and is also controllable because the water temperature can be changed instantly.

With a traditional water heater, the 40-gallon capacity is being heated all day long (as your energy dollars are being burned away), and when the contents are used up on showers and household appliances, you have to wait for the next round of water to be heated. With a tankless hot water heater, however, water is heated on demand.

Because tankless units are small compared to traditional water heaters, they can be installed practically anywhere, and it’s easy to use multiple tankless hot water heaters to divide your domestic hot water supply into two zones. One can be fed from the basement or first floor, where it’s a short distance to the kitchen and powder room, and another can be fed from the attic or a second-floor closet, where it’s just steps away from the bathrooms. As a result, you can have both cost-effective and convenient sources of hot water by installing tankless hot water heaters.

Want another good reason for going tankless? A tax credit. Along with saving money on your monthly energy bill, you’ll receive a tax credit equivalent to 30 percent (up to $1,500) of the cost of a qualifying tankless units. It’s a heartwarming and wallet-warming bonus to the comfort and convenience you’ll receive from this smart heating alternative!

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