Reverse Ceiling Fan in Winter to Improve Heat

Are you using your ceiling fan in the winter months?  You should.  Your ceiling fan can actually help keep you WARM.  During the winter, set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise to move risen warm air, down into your room. When the weather heats up, set the fan to turn counter-clockwise for a cooling breeze.

Now, to avoid the most common cause of high heating bills – cold air infiltration – seal up the obvious places and a few spaces you didn’t think of like your outlets and switches.  Wall openings around outlets and switches that are on outside walls can let a blast of cold air into your house. Home centers and electrical supply houses sell special gaskets which keep drafts to a minimum. To install them, remove the outlet or light-switch covers. The gaskets, which have openings to fit over the outlet or switches, are then placed between the device and the metal cover plate. Be sure you turn the electricity off before installing gaskets to avoid electric shocks.

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