Protect Your Home with Green Backup Power

Power outages aren’t just annoying, they’re also a threat to your home’s systems and your family’s safety. The longer the power’s out, the greater the chances of permanent damage to HVAC equipment, major appliances and more that leads to other dangers and big expenses once the power goes back on.

Most homeowners know it’s important to have a portable generator on hand for such emergencies, but you can get even more dependable, quiet and comfortable results by installing a permanent automatic standby generator. With power delivery calibrated to keep your home’s vital systems up and running, an automatic standby generator will kick in as soon as a general power outage occurs, whether you’re at home or away. What’s more, you’ll enjoy clean, safe backup power for the duration, and won’t have to worry about the hassle, noise and potential exposure to dangerous carbon monoxide that can accompany a portable backup generator.Protect Your Home with Green Backup Power
Dependable, affordable backup power can also be part of a renewable energy system, thanks to next-generation automatic standby generators like Generac’s EcoGen 6 kW. Designed for use with off-grid power sources like solar arrays, wind or hydro systems, the EcoGen 6 kW is a clean-running, low-emission solution that supports a whole home with renewable power in a pinch. The EcoGen 6 kW is the first permanent generator of its kind to be fully warranted for off-grid use, and is the quietest in the industry. Its weather-protective enclosure guards the EcoGen 6 kW against other year-round threats from Mother Nature, and its innovative oil circulation system keeps maintenance to a minimum.
By adding power outage protection like the EcoGen 6 kW to your home, you’ll not only get critical support during extended power gaps but will also give your home’s overall value a boost. With the increasing frequency and duration of today’s power outages, a permanent automatic standby generator ensures that home systems are protected and that your wallet is safe from the costly repairs and replacements that often result from sustained power losses. Learn more about ways to protect your home with permanent automatic backup generators at

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