Power Outage: Have a Backup Plan

Hurricanes can cause serious damage this time of year, but at any time of the year, in any part of the country, severe weather can knock out power to your home. Losing power for days, weeks or even longer can be costly, inconvenient and dangerous. The best protection for homeowners against these unforeseen power outages is a standby generator.

Most people think portable generators are their only solution for backup power in an outage, but automatic home backup generators are actually the best solution. They turn on and off automatically, within seconds of a power outage, whether or not you are at home. They run continuously on existing natural gas or a liquid propane fuel supply, without any need to refuel, no matter how long the power is out. Because they are permanently installed, you don’t need to run any extension cords through windows or doors to your lights or appliances. They also test weekly, so you know they will start up and run reliably in an emergency.

In the past, automatic standby generators were cost prohibitive for average homeowners.  Today, standby generators have become far more affordable and there are options that will meet every homeowner’s needs and budget. 

Adding a standby generator is a great first step towards a comprehensive backup power plan for your home. 

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