Find The Main Water Valve

Your plumbing system has many different water valves. Knowing where the most important water valves are can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  The main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home and must work properly to prevent damage.

First, find the main water valve.  It’s usually located on the lowest level of your home near the street.  Test the valve to see if it turns off – there shouldn’t be any leaks or running water even if a faucet is turned on.  Create a large tag and label the valve with the words ‘main valve,’ hang it from the water valve handle and make sure all household members can find the valve before a flood occurs.

Another important location to know is the weakest link of your plumbing system. This is probably the rubber connecting hoses on your washing machine.  These hoses can dry out, burst and allow thousands of gallons to rush into you home.  To avoid this, be sure to turn off the water supply valves to the washer before leaving home for extended periods of time.  If the water valves are hard to reach, have them replaced with a single-lever turn-off that operates both hot and cold water supply valves with a single switch.

A little forethought to identify and label your main water valve can save you from taking an unexpected bath.


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  1. Hello The Money Pit, I have a question: Is the main water valve the same as the PRV? Just recently, the water pressure in the master bathroom has been low. I called the water department, I was told that there weren’t any water pressure issues in the area and to call a plumber to check the PRV. Before I call the plumber, I wanted to know to if the main water valve and the PRV were the same.

    Celeste P.

  2. Thank you so much for helping me find my main water valve! I was digging through all of my hvac supplies supplies for the past week and couldn’t figure it out, and then BAM! I read this article and find it was right underneath my nose. Thanks so much!

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