Wireless Spotlight Great for Outdoor Lighting

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    LESLIE: Joe in Maryland is on the line and wants some help with getting strong outdoor lighting, which really can transform a space.

    How can we help you, Joe?

    JOE: Tom was mentioning a wireless spotlight product favorably that would, of course, through the outside – he said it was a double floodlight and he mentioned that it had 500 lumens.

    LESLIE: Oh, the Mr Beams, right, Tom?

    TOM: The Mr Beams Wireless Spotlight, yeah. It’s one of the Mr Beams products. They have floodlights, security lights. And I’ve got some of the indoor lights. In fact, I’ve got one, two, three of them in three different closets in our house. And now, every time when we get dressed in the morning, the clothes match. It’s amazing.

    JOE: LED 500 lumens for the outside, Tom?

    TOM: Yeah. I mean you’ll be surprised by the strong outdoor lighting.

    JOE: Oh, I know it’s tremendously strong but I want to have the exact description or model of it that you gave at that time. Was 3000 preceded by two letters. I think they were MZ or MR, something of that nature.

    TOM: Yeah, it’s simply called the High Performance Security Light. And you’re correct: it’s 500 lumens of light. And it’s battery-powered wireless spotlight, which I think is the best part. Because if you use it 8 to 10 times a day, the batteries will last a full year, which is amazing.

    JOE: You did say there were no electrical wires needed and that is what struck my interest, also, especially that factor. And what was the 3000 prefix? Can you tell me that?

    TOM: Yeah, the model number is MB3000. MB3000. But it’s known as the High Performance LED Security light. So M as in Mary, B as in Boy, 3000.

    And those two lights that are part of that – it’s got dual lights – they’ll cover about 800 square feet. So that’s pretty strong outdoor lighting. And it’ll cover your walkway, your driveway and that sort of thing. And look, these things are only 40 bucks or so, so you can get a couple of them.

    Just go to their website. You can – I think you can order the wireless spotlight right online, because it says that their shipping is free.

    JOE: Oh, OK.

    TOM: And I think they come in white and brown.

    JOE: Would it be MrBeams.com?

    TOM: That’s correct. MrBeams.com.

    JOE: Oh, you gave me all the information I was looking for, Tom and Leslie, so I appreciate your help very much.

    TOM: You’re very welcome. Good luck with that project. Let us know how you make out with that, OK, Joe?

    JOE: Yes, sir. Thank you.

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