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    This is Tom Kraeutler. So I’m here to tell you today, about the CAT INV2000 Portable Inverter Generator. This is a professional generator with premium features. Really super durable. Great for the job site. But also, works well at the campsite, at the beach, tailgating, you really have it all in this one unit.

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    To start, let’s talk about what’s in the box. So, we have the owner’s manual. You’ve got some tools. You’ve got a really convenient funnel, which makes adding oil to this super easy, your 12 volt cables and of course, the oil that you need to fire the generator up for the first time.

    Now, what I like about this product is that all the controls are right here on the side, so very convenient to get to. It even has a night light so that you can operate this at night and see exactly what you’re doing.

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    Starting it’s super easy, three step process. I’ll show you exactly what to do. But the first thing, to get started, that we have to do is put oil in it. So let’s start there. Then we’ll fire it up and see what it can do.

    Okay. To get started, we have to add oil to the generator first. So the oil fill is right behind this panel. So we’re going to pop this open and remove the cap to the oil. Now, CAT includes this little spout that we’ll screw in where the oil cap was. Once that’s in place, we can essentially, add this spout to it. Drop the funnel right on top. We’re ready to add the oil.

    Now that we’ve got the oil in, let’s pop the door back in place. Now it’s time to add some fuel. So, the generator takes about a gallon of fuel. It uses regular gasoline, but if you’re going to use regular gasoline, you’ve got to also put fuel stabilizer in there, if you’re not going to use the generator, you know, like every day, because fuel goes bad after about 30 days. So you add fuel right here. Let’s do that. And it goes without saying that you’ve going to run this generator outside, of course. You can never ever run this inside, or even in a open garage. And we’re ready to start it.

    Now that we’ve got it fueled up, it’s time to start it up. Now, I connected the grounding cable. I’m going to turn the fuel to the on position. We’re going to rotate the starter to the on position. Then we’re going to pull the start cord. Then we’re going to rotate it back up one click. We’re good to go.

    This is a really quiet generator. In fact the National Park Association has a standard for noise and this actually exceeds that standard. So it’s so quiet, you can camp with it. You’re not even going to bother your neighbors.

    Alright, now that we’ve got it fired up, we’ll see what it can cut. Now, this is one of the biggest tools I have. It’s a 10 inch Milwaukee Circular Saw. I use it when I’m cutting landscape timbers. One thing that’s nice about the CAT INV2000 is that the more power you need, the more power it supplies. Remember it has a 2250 starting watts. That’s really going to help with an application like this but as I rev up the saw, the generator will increase the speed and deliver the power I need to finish the cut.

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    So, as you saw, this engine packs a lot of power. It also runs longer. The EPA has actually certified it to run 20 percent longer than the competition. The other thing that’s nice about this INV2000 by CAT is it’s parallel ready. So you can run two generators in parallel with the parallel switch. Gives you double the power, maybe if you want to power something like an RV. You can do that with this equipment.

    So, I think the CAT INV2000 Portable Inverter Generator is a great generator. It’s professional. It’s versatile. It’s clean. It’s quiet. And you can really get a lot of things done with this, whether you’re on the job site or the campsite.

    I’m Tom Kraeutler. Thanks for watching.


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