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    LESLIE: Now we’ve got Jeff in Iowa on the line who’s got a smell from air conditioner. What’s going on, Jeff?

    JEFF: I can’t smell. The wife can smell.

    TOM: OK.

    JEFF: Yeah, we have a …

    LESLIE: We smell everything.

    JEFF: There’s a smell emanating from somewhere. I thought it was maybe the basement drain or it’s not falling like it should. And she seems to think that it – she says it comes on – the smell comes about when the air is turned on – when the air comes on.

    TOM: OK.

    JEFF: So maybe it’s not cleaning – or am I on the right track?

    TOM: Maybe. So let’s talk about some basics. If we want to get to the bottom of this, we could start with duct cleaning, just to kind of eliminate that as a possibility for the smell from air conditioner. The second thing we should talk about is what kind of filter do you have?

    JEFF: Just your generic, basic one from the hardware store.

    TOM: Yeah, that’s a problem. So what I want you to do is I want you to pick up a Filtrete filter – 3M Filtrete brand. And they sell one that has activated charcoal built into it and it’s specifically designed for eliminating odors and smell from air conditioner. It’s called the Filtrete Home Odor-Reduction Filter. And it’s got activated charcoal built in and so that’s designed specifically to get rid of the odors and of course, it does a great job with dust and pollen and mold and that sort of thing.

    JEFF: Oh, alright. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

    TOM: And that’s going to make your wife very, very happy.

    JEFF: OK.

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