Kill Bedbugs Before They Bite!

Bedbugs have evolved to become a major issue for homeowners, apartment renters, college dorms and hotels. They sneak in on luggage, boxes, furniture and mattresses, and then multiply quickly to infest the entire area.
Bedbugs are nocturnal creatures that seek out their human hosts while they are sleeping, thanks to the carbon dioxide and heat people give off. They will bite for three to five minutes and feed on the host’s blood, then retreat back into hiding. They leave behind itchy, red welts that often can result in inflammation.
In fact, even college campuses across the country are now facing the fact that not only students are taking up residence in dorm buildings and are taking measures to help students keep bedbugs out of their student’s sleep cycle. For example, in 2007 the University of Florida heated dorm mattresses to temperatures exceeding 113 degrees-plus to try and get rid of their bedbug problem.
get rid of bedbugsThere are simple solutions for preventing a bedbug infestation, identifying if you have one, and treating it quickly, effectively and affordable with available products.
How to identify bedbugs. Bedbugs are easy to see – they are oval-shaped, reddish-brown, flattened insects that are 4 to 5 mm in length. They usually hide around the bed, so that’s the first place to look.
  • Look for small, black dots on the headboard or pillow, or on or under the mattress
  • Look for blood spots or other debris on bedding
  • Check cracks and crevices around the bed
  • Check other padded upholstery like couches, recliners and other areas where people may nap
  • Look for red, itchy welts on the skin
Even if you don’t see bedbugs, they can still be lurking in even the swankiest home, dorm or apartment. It’s better to take precautions and treat quickly to eliminate the fear – and the problem.
When you see signs of bedbugs, don’t delay treatment. They will only multiply in the meantime. Readily available pesticides specially formulated to kill bedbugs offer fast, affordable solutions that allow you to take care of the bedbugs right away, without the expense and hassle of steam cleaning your entire home. 
There are two steps to effective bedbug control using over-the counter pesticides.
Spray away the immediate problem. Products like Hot Shot® Bedbug and Flea Killer will kill bedbugs on contact with a water-based formula. Just remove bedding materials and spray mattress, headboard and bed frame until wet, then let dry. Wash the sheets, pillows and comforter in hot water. Also treat baseboards, moldings and floors, and spray your suitcases if you think you’ve picked up bedbugs in your room. Follow the detailed package directions to ensure safety of people and pets.
Fog for long-term control. To kill bedbugs, fleas, lice and ticks in your home, apartment or dorm – even hidden ones – turn bed bug foggers.  This insect control solution kills on contact and provides long-term control. Read all package directions and cautions before using to ensure safety of people, pets and home furnishings.
Kill Bedbugs Before They Bite!How to prevent bedbugs. Bedbugs love to travel, so be careful what you bring into your place. 
  • Treat any reconditioned mattresses or used furniture before bringing them inside.
  • Spray suitcases, too, just in case you pick up something from that trip home or on spring break
  • Wash clothes when returning from trips or send to the dry cleaner for chemical cleaning
While bedbugs can be found in the cleanest home, thorough cleaning can help control infestations.
  • Thoroughly wash bedding, clean all surfaces and vacuum
  • Wash bedding and affected clothing with hot water and the hottest dryer setting possible, or dry clean
  • Vacuum mattresses
  • Steam-clean carpets
By just following these simple tips, you can have one less problem to “bug” you—one that doesn’t involve work, classes, homework, or otherwise hectic schedules. It’s all about taking smart steps to prevent bedbugs from settling in and using reliable, trusted products to kill bedbugs that are already there.

7 thoughts on “Kill Bedbugs Before They Bite!

  1. As the owner of a pest control company I’ve also found the bedbugs living in these following areas. Sofas and chairs remove the cushions treat under those areas and cushions. Then torn over the sofas and chairs and treat under the sofas and chairs making sure to get under any flaps that may be part of the furniture. Also treat the flooring,baseboard,moldings and around any outlets plates in the living room area. Also in the bedrooms you should remove you clothing from any bureaus and wash. Treat bureaus drawers and behind the bureaus. If you have any question please contact me through

  2. As the owner of a pest control company, all of the above info and comments are true. I disagree with over the counter products and homeowners treating themselves. Situations such as these required skill and training… this is not a joke nor are these bugs easily eliminated. Sometimes mutiple treatments may be neccesary for proper control. Leading the general public to over the counter products like “bombs” creates misuse of pesticides. You can also contact us thru for more information on proper control.

  3. As someone who sufferred with and (eventually) beat this problem, I can tell you that no one product is going to do it… none of the treatments above kill larvae.

    You need to:

    1.) Take all your clothes- bag them in plastic, and launder them w/ HOT water. Dont put them back in the same bags. And don’t return them to the home before the problem is resolved.

    2.) hire a professional to “deep freeze” (NO2 ice machine) your mattress, box spring, couches carpets- basically anything with fabric. They probably live inside your box spring, so pull off the bottom and get a good look with a flashlight. If you can, toss the bed all together.

    3.) Poison- nasty stuff. Nastier the better. Suspend works well. Spray it on the mattress, inside box spring, bed frame, walls, headboard….

    did the trick for me… but only after lost of “1 step” solutions worked… for two weeks before the newest eggs hatched.

  4. Ha! We had bedbugs when we moved into our last apartment, and I had a professional exterminator come in *twice* to the tune of hundreds of dollars…and we still had bedbugs. The only thing that got rid of them back then was Raid Flea Foggers-they worked beautifully.

  5. I used the spray and that did not work. then i used to hot shot flea and bed bug fogger that still didnt work. I feel like this is a never ending battle. If you have any ideas please let me know. Thank you.

  6. I love your tip about spraying your suitcase for bed bugs before you bring it inside. Last winter I went on a trip, and unknowingly brought bed bugs into my house via my suitcase. Unfortunately, I had decided to put my suitcase on my living room couch, on the kitchen table, and then on my bed. I had to get the entire house treated for bed bugs! Now I know that I need to spray everything outside, and wait for it to kill off any potential hitch hikers.

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