How to Lay Tile Quickly, Easily and Mess-free

If you’ve ever wanted to change the look of your kitchen or bath with tile, but weren’t sure how to lay tile, we have good news for you! Laying your own tile might sound difficult, but it’s really not. In fact the hardest part of laying tile is probably the traditional method of measuring, mixing and applying mastic, then laying tile, letting everything cure… and THEN grouting. How to Lay Tile Easily, Quickly and Mess-Free

And of course you’ve got all that mess to clean up. There is now a way you can be confident enough to lay tile and take on just about ANY tile job with no worries.  A new product called Bondera Tile MatSet will allow you to lay tile in a kitchen or bathroom with less mess, less stress and less work. How to Lay Tile Quickly, Easily and Mess-Free
Bondera Tile MatSet can be rolled out and applied to just about any surface without major prep work. You can then easily lay your tile. It will adhere to Bondera with no problems. No messy mixing of mortar or mastic. Just peel and stick. Lay the tiles and you are ready to grout immediately! No waiting for curing time, no mess to clean up. You won’t need to spend extra cash on any special tools you’ll probably only use once either.  Tile today, and enjoy your finished project tomorrow! 

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