House Mold: the Causes and Costs of Mold

New homes are just as much at risk for mold problems as older homes.  Though we’ve been living with mold for centuries, modern building materials like drywall are particularly vulnerable to mold growth. Complicated heating and cooling systems, as well as air-tight buildings that aren’t ventilated adequately, can make home mold problems worse.

Some kinds of home molds cause allergy or asthma symptoms in those who are sensitized, so it’s important to avoid the presence of mold growth indoors. If that’s not reason enough, look at some of the dollar figures:

  • House Mold: The Causes and Costs of MoldThe cost of a single mold claim can range from $10,000 to $100,000 for investigation, remediation and additional living expenses if the property owner has to move out.
  • In Texas in 2002, mold costs “surged to $2.3 billion.”
  • Hilton’s Kalia Tower in Hawaii had to close shortly after opening, due to mold contamination; the mold remediation cost over $50 million.

In the newer home, mold growth is more worrisome in some spaces than others. Home mold is often an issue in carpeted basements, for instance, where mold can grow in floor coverings and the spores and other byproducts of mold growth can be carried into the rooms above by air flows. On the other hand, mold is not as likely to grow in an unfinished attic with proper ventilation allowing air flows to carry mold spores back to the exterior where they belong.

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  1. Homeowners with mold concerns may want to check out the remarkable research on toxic mold removal done by environmental expert Dr Ed Close. Simply diffusing a therapeutic-grade essential oil regularly will likely result in an environment very hostile to mold, not to mention the health benefits, long-term protection, and simply making your home smell great.

    It seems like this would make traditional remediation projects easier and more effective, as well as creating a healthier environment in which to live.

    In one instance, 10,667 stachybotrys mold spores were identified in a per cubic meter area. After diffusing Thieves essential oil for forty-eight hours, Dr Close retested. Only thirteen stachybotrys remained. Similarly, 75,000 stachybotrys mold spores were identified in a sample of sheetrock. After seventy-two hours of diffusing, no stachybotrys mold spores remained. (Stachybotrys has a reputation for being the most toxic mold.)

  2. I just received my Prolabs report from Fla. I bought a home mold testing kit in Lowes followed the directions and sent it to the lab. It came back positive with Stachybotrys. I took the test sample in my eve under the roof. The house was treated for mold removal before I bought it but unknowing to me it will come back over time. I rwad about this Thevies Oil has anyone ever used it other than a manufactures comment Id be interested in hearing from people who had this

  3. Molds appear due to increased humidity. They tend to flourish in moist and humid places. This is why they are often seen in your bathroom, washing machine, coffee maker and other appliances. Even mattresses are not exempted from the attack of molds. Keeping your home and your appliances dry all the time can greatly avoid this problem. For instance, after using your washer, wipe off the excess moisture and detergent residues inside. Leave the washer door open so air can flow in and dry up the unreachable parts of your washer. According to, using white vinegar can help get rid of molds in washers. This can also be used for other home treatments.

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