These 8 Tips Can Prevent Kids From Getting Burned

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Burn injuries continue to be one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury in the United States, according to the American Burn Association. The primary causes of burn injuries include fire-flames, scalds, contact with hot objects, as well as electrical and chemical burns.

These 8 tips can help you avoid the most common causes of devastating burns.

Kitchen Fire Prevention Tips

  1. Cook on back burners when young children are present, and keep all pot handles turned back, away from the stove edge.
  2. During mealtime, place hot items in the center of the table, at least 10 inches from the edge. Use non-slip placemats instead of tablecloths if toddlers are present.
  3. Be aware of all items near the stove. Common objects like dish towels, oven mitts and electrical cords can easily catch fire if near a hot burner or flame.
  4. Keep fire extinguishers close at hand, and know how to use them. If you aren’t confident using conventional home fire extinguishers, consider the First Alert Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray, which offers an easy-to-use (just point and spray) and easy-to-store alternative.
One child playing with oven in kitchen.

Fire Safety for All Rooms

  1. Test smoke detectors at least once every month, and replace the batteries every six months. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced an alarm, change it. Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.
  2. To eliminate battery replacements, install alarms with 10-year sealed batteries, which last the life of the alarm. All alarms models should still be tested monthly.
  3. Keep all appliance cords – especially for items such as irons – coiled and away from counter edges.
  4. Establish a “kid zone” out of the high traffic areas near the stove, cords and appliances where children can safely play and still be supervised.

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