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    A security system is a great idea, no matter where you live. Easily controlled by an app on your phone or another mobile device, an outdoor security camera or two will give you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. Installing security cameras is a quick, easy project, great for DIY’ers of all skill levels. Here’s what you’ll need to take on this project:


    • Pencil
    • Cordless Drill/Driver
    • Security Camera Kit
    • Hammer (if needed)
    • Anchors (if needed)


    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


    • Eye Protection
    • Gloves



    Check WIFI. Since your security system will be wireless, you’ll need a Wifi network that’s up for the job. Open your camera kit and follow the instructions to check your network. Since the monitor for your cameras will be a mobile device, like an iPhone or Android, check what operating systems are supported, keeping in mind that older devices may not be able to link with cameras. You’ll also need to make sure the climate where you live is compatible with the system, so be sure to also check to confirm your security hardware can handle temperature extremes.


    Download App. If all your specs check out, visit an app store or the manufacturer’s website to download the viewing app for the cameras. Launch the app and follow the steps for setting up the device.


    Choose a Location. Your cameras will need to be close enough to the Wifi hub to get a strong signal. Manufacturers typically offer a way to test this, so check instructions to make sure cameras are properly located. Cameras are often battery-powered, but sometimes they can be plugged into an outdoor outlet.


    Test Indoors. Go inside near your Wifi router to complete the installation process. While indoors, use your mobile device app to test your new system. The video stream should be smooth and clear.


    Test Outdoors. Set your camera outside where you plan to install it. Once in place, use your app to do another test. If the video quality is poor, try shifting the camera slightly. You can also try moving the Wifi router closer to the camera. If your video still isn’t streaming well, you may need to invest in a Wifi extender.


    Install the Mount. Some cameras mount with a magnet, and you only need to install a single screw. Other mounts may require you to mark screw relocations, drill pilot holes, and fasten the mount with an anchor. Once in place, clip your camera to the mount.

    Your installation is done. All that’s left to do is set your camera preferences and security settings.


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