Ge’s Silicone Ii Can Help Cut Energy Costs

A leak here and a crack there may not seem like a big deal, but when precious indoor warmth is using those cracks for escape hatches this winter, you can be sure that your energy dollars are making the same exit. In fact, if you added up all of the cracks and gaps hiding around the average house, you’d wind up with an opening the size of a window!

Now’s the time to prepare for winter and tighten up your home’s building envelope with a sealing treatment like GE Silicone II. Unlike acrylic-based caulking products, silicone won’t crack or shrink, and it provides the best seal against water and the winter elements. Silicone also lasts a lifetime, so you’ll only have to go through the application routine once. All it takes is about four tubes of GE Silicone II to seal windows, doors, electrical outlets and other air escapes around the average structure, a minimal investment when compared to the hundreds of energy dollars you’ll save in the coming year. To seal all gaps and cracks before winter arrives, look for GE Silicone II at your local hardware store or home center.

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