Fresh Air

By keeping your indoor air healthier you can keep your family healthier, too. Follow these tips to keep everyone in your home, and the air you’re breathing, in top shape. Filtering the air with a purifier helps remove a large number impurities that your furnace and cooling unit filter cannot.

Keep your home’s humidity level at the recommended 35 – 40%. Most homes humidity levels are lower than that of the Sahara Desert at 25%! Declare your home smoke-free and leave doors between rooms open whenever possible for better air circulation. Leave windows open when temperatures allow. Install and use exhaust fans in bathrooms to remove excess moisture and chemical vapors.

Check cleaning products for toxic ingredients and switch to non-toxic instead. In addition to filtering the air and keeping it the recommended humidity, keep all fuel burning appliances in good order to eliminate carbon dioxide build-up and install a carbon monoxide detector. Trap dust and other air particles by vacuuming frequently with a central vacuum system or unit with a HEPA filter. Just a few easy steps will help your house – and everyone in it — breath easier.

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