How to Clean Soot from Bricks

  • Transcript

    LESLIE: Darlene in Arkansas wants to know how to clean soot from bricks. How can we help you today?

    DARLENE: Well, we heat our house with wood and our fireplace bricks are real cream – light-cream colored and they’re very roughly textured. My question is – the soot – above the fireplace doors, soot gets in the brick and embedded in there. And I’ve tried to scrub it out with everything I can think of, other than muriatic acid. And I know I can’t use that in the house. Do you have any suggestions?

    LESLIE: Try TSP, which stands for trisodium phosphate to clean soot from bricks.  It’s sort of like a cleaning prep step when you’ve got some really sticky stuff that won’t come off.

    DARLENE: I think I did some time back but maybe I should use a stronger solution instead of – it says not to use it the way it comes out of the bottle.

    LESLIE: Well, TSP is it comes in a powder format and it’s available in the clean – well, in the painting aisle, generally, of the home stores. And I would just mix it up so that it’s more of a paste than a liquid and apply it that way. And let it sit there and give it some time to do its job.

    DARLENE: Alright. That sounds great.

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