Exterior Led Lights Increase Home Security and Save Money & Energy

A well-lit home exterior helps prevent stair trips and walkway stumbles in the night – and also discourages potential intruders.

For these safety and security reasons, many homeowners leave certain exterior lights on all night, especially around the front door and entryway. That means the bulb is burning for close to 12 hours a day, which can be a real burden on your home’s overall energy use, and your monthly bills.

LEDs can help dramatically reduce the total amount of energy used by your exterior bulbs. In many cases they are approximately 85 percent more efficient than traditional incandescents.

Exterior LED Lights Increase Home Security and Save Money & EnergyThe new, Energy Star-certified Defiant LED motion security light with DualBrite, available at The Home Depot, provides seamless light coverage for increased safety, security and peace of mind. Never change a bulb with this new LED technology. The DualBrite feature saves energy by utilizing accent light from dusk to dawn and full light when motion is detected.

You can sleep better knowing you’re spending a lot less to keep those bulbs on all night. Also, as an added benefit, motion-activated LED security lights reach full brightness immediately. There is no “warm up” time like you’ll see with some other types of bulbs.

Using exterior lighting to help keep your family safe and your home secure at night doesn’t have to take such a heavy toll on your monthly bills. Motion-activated LED lights are a great solution for saving money and energy while chasing away nighttime darkness and potential intruders.

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