Eliminating Mice

If that squeak you hear isn’t from your floorboards, you might have some unwanted mice visiting your home. You’ll want to look for other telltale signs of unwanted guests: Tears in bags, chewed boxes or paper, or even droppings. If these are appearing in your home, you’ve got mice.  To eliminate mice, try to find any and all entry points.  Remember that mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a nickel. 

While it’s difficult to find and seal all spaces that small on the outside of your home, sealing obvious ones will help.  Use sheet metal, steel wool or cement and pay particular attention to the spaces around pipes, vents and ducts.  Traps and poison bate designed for rodents are very effective too, and can help eliminate those mice that have already set up housekeeping in your home.  Be sure to use both traps and bate according to the directions on the label. 

If exposing children or pets is a concern, use lockable bait stations.  With a bait station, the poison is secured inside a container that has holes small enough for only mice to enter.  You’ll be able to eliminate mice and call your home your own again in no time.

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