Control Pests in Your Home

If you are constantly swatting the air around you, it’s time to take some steps with control tips for getting rid of pesky pests. There are some common household insects that can get the better of you if you let them, but we’ve got the info you need to ensure that your home is a bug-free zone.

Filth flies, as they are called, live up to their name and breed in moist or decaying organic matter. While they don’t cause major damage to your home, they do spread serious diseases. Sanitation is key. Eliminate breeding sites by keeping garbage covered and cleaning your trash cans more often in warmer months.

Control Pests in Your HomeAre silverfish bugging you? They live in cracks and voids and are common in attics and basements. They are nocturnal and can get around very fast, making them hard to spot and harder to completely eliminate. You can call in a pest control professional or sprinkle boric acid powder in areas where they’re known to hide. Boric acid is generally safe around kids and pets. Millipedes and centipedes are nuisance pests, but no fun nonetheless. Boric acid works as pest control with them as well.

For larger pests like bats, you may need to call in a professional. Attics make an excellent home for bats. They only need a half inch or less of space to crawl through to get inside. There are lots of unproven methods for getting rid of bats, but the only foolproof method is to trap and remove the bats in your belfry, and then make sure to seal up gaps so they don’t return! You can call the local animal control department of your town for more information and pest control tips. Or visit

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