Clean Ceramic Tile Floors with Vinegar

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Want a quick tip to keep tile flooring looking like new? Make a solution of white vinegar and water to wash your tile floor. The vinegar cleans and shines the tile floor without leaving streaks.

Plus, vinegar is half the cost of those expensive tile cleaners — as well as being a safe, natural product.

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  1. I am a mom working legitimate work at home business. I have 3 kids and they are very hyperactive. They always leave stains on our floors. I keep on buying cleaners to keep it clean and shiny. This is a helpful tips and since I have read this post, I tried using vinegar since then. It is indeed very effective.

  2. I work full time and my wife is having some health issues, so we have started studying up on maid reviews in hopes of finding someone who can give our house a good spring cleaning. My wife’s current condition prevents the use of a lot of chemicals so we were looking for an “environmentally” safe service.

    Anyway, I saw a few advertise use of “vinegar” and I thought,”what kind of cheap cleaning services are these?” So, I did some research and found that this is pretty common. In my 38 years, I had never heard of vinegar being used beyond something to make food taste bad! My wife was in the dark on the vinegar secret as well. I guess we were both absent that day in home economics!

    Before I decide to hire a vinegar cleaning specialist, I think I’m going to go to purchase some vinegar and do a test on the kitchen floor myself. I don’t think I’ll be too fond of my house smelling like vinegar, but I won’t know unless I try.


  3. No matter how many different means are suggested by the numerous adds nowadays, the best thing to clean any of the floors in your house, is realy vinegar and water. Ceramic tile is a popular flooring choice because if its beauty, durability and easy maintenance. There are numerous ways to keep your tile clean, however, many cleaning products are loaded with harsh toxic chemicals. Not only can these chemicals cause severe illness if consumed, they are also known to create mild to severe skin irritations. In addition, store bought cleaners can be very expensive. Using vinegar to clean your ceramic tile is not only eco-friendly, it is also budget pleasing.

  4. I’ve never had a problem with the lingering smell of vinegar–I only add around 1/4 cup to a gallon of water and then buff the ceramic tile dry with an old towel, no smell, hardly any cost and squeaky clean floors!

  5. Won’t your house smell like a salad unless you rinse it really well? I use glass cleaner–the professional, foaming stuff in a can. Works great, and the smell dissipates as soon as it dries. Floors come clean, grout, too. No streaks. No residue. Not as inexpensive as vinegar, but I’m not sure I want my bathrooms and kitchen to smell like vinegar, the smell lingers long after it’s dry. But to each their own…

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