Casement Window Repair: Hard to Turn the Crank?

Are your casement windows difficult to open?  Does the window crank seem too stiff to turn?  You won’t need butter or vegetable oil to make them move more easily.  Follow these simple steps instead:

— First, remove the screen from the casement window from the inside of the house.

— Next, look at the margin between the casement sash and the vinyl frame around the entire unit. If there is a narrow spot in one area and then a wider spot in another area, you need to make a sash adjustment.

Adjusting the sash on a casement window involves adjusting the hinge arm and post (which together, make up the crank).

Alt=casement window repaircasement window repair when hard to crankHere’s how to do it:

            1.     Unlock your casement window and open it halfway.

            2.     Use a 7/16″ sash wrench to get under the crank hinge arm to the hinge post.

            3.     Adjust the post with the wrench. If you adjust the post to the right, the casement sash will move to the right. If you adjust to the left, it’ll move to the left. Work to even out the margins around the entire frame.

            4.     If you do not have a 7/16″ sash wrench, you can also use a regular flat head screwdriver and a 7/16″ open end wrench. In this case, after opening the window, pop the window crank’s hinge arm up and off with the screwdriver. Then, use the wrench on the hinge arm to make the adjustments. When finished, pop the arm back in place.

            5.     After making the adjustments, close your casement window and review the alignment to make sure the unit is perfectly centered in the frame. Then replace the screen.

Need a visual?  No problem!  You can watch a two-minute video explanation of how to adjust your casement window sash to loosen a stiff window crank on the Simonton Windows web site.    

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