Carbon Monoxide Detectors Protect Home and Family

One of the simplest ways to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning is by purchasing a carbon monoxide detector. Technology has made these devices inexpensive, simple and reliable. 

But very often, serious carbon monoxide injuries or deaths have occurred in homes that already have alarms installed. How is this possible? Because the occupants refused to believe they had a problem! 

Consider this: when a smoke detector goes off, your senses are overwhelmed by clues. You see the smoke. You smell the smoke. But with CO, the only clue you’ll get is the sound of the alarm. 

Carbon Monoxide DdetectorsAnother reason alarms can be thought of as faulty is this: CO levels vary. Depending on the amount of carbon monoxide being produced by the bad carbon monoxide detector, as well as the amount of fresh air ventilating through the house, CO levels will rise and fall, intermittently causing the alarm to go on and off. 

If this happens, don’t blame the alarm! Open the windows, get everyone out of the house and call a professional to locate the cause of the problem.  

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends every home have at least one carbon monoxide detector per floor. Prices start at around $35.

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