Avoid Bacteria and Prevent Food Poisoning

Warm weather and raw meat is the perfect environment to breed bacteria that can make you really sick. To stay safe and avoid bacteria and prevent food poisoning at your next barbecue, follow these guidelines when preparing and storing your food:

Cook Completely.  The best way to avoid dangerous bacteria like e-coli and salmonella is to make sure your food is completely cooked. For burgers, this means no pink middles. To be safeand prevent food poisoning, invest in a meat thermometer. Ground burgers and steaks should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees to eliminate the bacteria.

Proper Plates.   Avoid bacteria and prevent food poisoning at your next barbecue by making sure the plate you use to bring burgers to the grill is not the same one you take the cooked meat back on. Uncooked meat can leave bacteria on the platter, which can multiply rapidly in warm weather and then contaminate the cooked food. To keep your family safe, always use a clean dish to serve the meat.

Lose Leftovers.  Meat left out after cooking can also be very unhealthy. To avoid bacteria and prevent food poisoning, any food left over from your barbecue should be refrigerated promptly or thrown out.

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