April Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Spring is here! With warmer weather and longer days, April is a great time to add a few projects to your home improvement to-do list. Here is where to begin one April weekend at a time.

WEEKEND #1: Control moisture levels.  As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers, which mean that we are in for some rain in all areas of the country. Let’s get the moisture and water under control before it finds its way into our homes.

Although you should keep your dehumidifier going all year long, now is the time when you are really going to feel it working. Make sure the dehumidifier is clean and operating properly; indoor moisture levels should be between 30 and 50%.

The basement should be checked over for signs of leaks, cracks, and mildew. Whether or not you see evidence of water infiltration, take improvement steps to keep things dry. Make sure the ground is sloping away from your foundation at a drop of 6 inches over 4 feet. Keep your gutters clean and your down spouts extended away from your foundation wall by at least 3 feet.

WEEKEND #2: Clean the deck.  This is the perfect home improvement weekend to clean and brighten the surface of your deck so it will be ready when you are, since you’ll want to be spending every day outside on your deck. Start by giving the deck a good sweeping. If the finish is in good condition, and you don’t see any signs of peeling, blistering, or cracking, go ahead and give the deck a good cleaning with a deck cleaner.

Make sure you use a gentle cleanser safe for all wood types that also will not harm your planApril Weekend Home Improvement Projectsts and lawn. Look for one that will remove any ground-in dirt from the deck without harming the wood’s surface or natural color.

If the deck finish looks worse for the wear, strip off the existing finish to get a fresh surface, make any necessary repairs and then refinish your deck with a good quality stain. Your choices for color are limited only by your backyard imagination!

WEEKEND #3: Happy Earth Day!  In the early ’60s, Senator Gaylord Nelson was overwhelmed by the political non-concern over the state of our earth and knew something needed to be done to help our planet. After speaking publicly across the United States about our environment for almost a decade, he noticed that people were waking up to the sad situation. He then organized the first real grassroots campaign to help stop the degradation of our earth’s resources and environment in 1970, which is still going strong today.

Find out how your community is celebrating Earth Day and pitch in, or try out a few green home improvements of your own. And remember, it doesn’t have to be Earth Day to celebrate the wonder of our planet. Look around Envirolink’s website for ways you can conserve everyday.

WEEKEND #4: Lighten up spring decor.  Now that the weather has warmed up and the days are longer, let your home’s interior reflect what is happening outside. Change out heavy, dark toned winter linens, bedding and towels for ones that are light weight and softer in color. Your draperies can also be more seasonally appropriate.

Choose draperies that have a gauzy feel to encourage cool breezes, or swap a fabric shade for one in bamboo or reed to bring nature in. Even throw pillows and area rugs can be swapped out for more summery colors and textures to inspire that beachy frame of mind. Changing your home’s décor on a seasonal basis is a great improvement to keep the look fresh and your inner designer satisfied.

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