How to Repair Drywall Small Holes | Video

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    Small holes in your drywall can be an eyesore. Fixing them is easier than you think. You can do it yourself in just three easy steps. Here’s what you’ll need to make your repair:


      • Utility Knife
      • Putty or Joint Knife
      • Repair Patch
      • Drywall Compound
      • Sanding Block
      • Paint
      • Paint Brush or Roller


    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


    Prep hole. First, trim away broken drywall or damaged paper around the hole with a utility knife. Cover the hole with a self-adhesive drywall repair patch or crossed strips of self-adhesive mesh tape.


    Apply Drywall Compound. Cover the patch with drywall compound. Remove excess with a large putty knife or drywall joint knife, leaving just enough to conceal the tape or patch. Smooth compound into place, feathering the edges by putting more pressure on the outside edge of your knife.


    Apply Additional Coats. Allow your first coat of compound to dry completely, then add two more coats of compound. Give each coat time to dry and make each layer thinner and wider to help blend the patch into the surrounding area. Once the last coat is completely dry, sand and paint as needed.

    Your drywall repair is complete!

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