Using Stencils for Painting a Decorative Wall Pattern

Use painting and stencils to give walls a great patterned look without the hassle of applying wallpaper. With the many stencil patterns available, finding a pattern that works for you is simple.

Apply the stencil pattern with latex paint over a painted wall or even over plain or textured wallpaper. Use a stipple brush to apply your paint by stamping it over the stencil. Be sure to clean the stencil between uses to avoid mistakes, and if you’re going to apply the stencil to existing wallpaper, be sure to test out the end results on a scrap piece first.

By stenciling over a painted wall, you can also paint right over it again when you want to change the look, instead of dealing with the time-consuming chore of ripping down wallpaper. Let your creativity and imagination guide your stencil painting technique, and the new look you create will add another dimension to your space!

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