3-Step Plan for Ultimate Closet Organization

closet organization

Closet organization may seem like a scary task, but with the right steps you can have a completely organized place to store your clothes and accessories. Sort through the following guidelines to not only make organizing your closet simple, but also to create a stylish storage solution that will keep your closets organized year-round.

1. Define your plan. To begin organizing your closet more easily, have an idea of how you want to use the space and store the things inside of it. Start with a thorough cleaning of the closet, removing all contents and throwing out or selling what you no longer want or need as you sort the items you would like to keep into different storage categories. Reviewing your newly ordered items, you’ll get a better idea of how much space will be required for the storage of everything from workday shoes to floor-length formal wear, and be able to plan in the recommended 15 percent vacancy to accommodate new purchases. Next, consider how the newly organized closet will be used. Will it need to be available for everyday access, seasonal storage or both? Also think about who will be using the organized closet not only now but later. A small child’s closet may call for a convertible system that’ll accommodate their belongings as they grow. Finally, be honest about which of your prior storage and closet organization techniques have been leading to closet-cluttering breakdowns, and make note of previously unused zones which could add efficiency in the new storage plan. You are now ready to begin organizing your closet.

2. Create a neat system design.  Now that you’ve done an inventory of the closet’s contents, it’s time begin organizing your closet and select the components that will successfully contain all of your belongings. The system you choose and the investment you make will depend on your design priorities, the amount of closet space you have to work with, and the level of permanence appropriate for the years you plan to spend in your home.Remember that a great closet system can be a positive selling point when it comes time to move on to new frontiers in home storage space. Quality components can be found at many home improvement and design stores, and dedicated retailers add ease and remove guesswork with online tools that help you design your own organized closet system, generate the corresponding shopping list and make your purchase in minutes. Check out the products and online helpers offered by such specialists as Organized Living, EasyClosets, and ClosetMaid to launch your new storage endeavors. You’ll find smart double-rod clothes hanging systems, shelves and drawers with moveable dividers, accessory storage and such add-ons as fold-away mirrors and ironing boards. With these products, organizing your closet can both add space for storage and show off your design skills.

3. Keep up appearances.  As you design your newly organized closet and shop for products to keep it clean, check out all the options while keeping a realistic view of what features you’ll actually use on a daily basis. Through the system you purchase and install, you want to create a cleanup routine for your closet that’s easy to maintain and storage space with enough breathing room to keep your belongings in nice condition and instantly within view.If the job’s done well, your closet organization will inspire confidence and quick finds rather than dread and endless searching once the door has been opened. By keeping long-term storage, organization and style in mind, organizing your closet can be a fun DIY project that will give you incentive to keep your newly-organized closet neat and possibly inspire you to organize other closets and areas around your home.

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