How to Declutter Your Home with Storage & Organization

how to declutter

An organized living space can help put your life at ease in many different ways; it can make your rooms appear larger and it can keep your house or apartment looking clean and crisp. More importantly, with everything organized in storage units, you will know where your important items are when you need them! By using organized storage units or bins and learning how to declutter, searching for things you need will be easy and hassle-free.

So how do the professionals manage to pull off such seemingly effortless storage and organization solutions?

Decluttering Tips: Color Coding

how to declutter

If you look closely at many of the common storage solutions on how to declutter, you will probably note a great deal of color-coordination.  If the storage units are blue, you will likely notice any adjacent items such as clothing, trinkets, office supplies, etc. are all composed of similar colors that blend very well together with the color blue.  Containers of course, are key to organizing any area, but even their color is important too.  If you view a photo of clear storage containers, the items stored inside are either color-coordinated with each other or are neutral in tone.  If the containers are not clear, typically all storage containers are of the same color or perhaps a couple of colors that go very well together with each other.

So why the emphasis on color?  The visual continuity that color can provide plays a significant role in creating an organized, restful look and feel.  It’s what everyone craves when trying to find storage solutions for their office, their closets — essentially any area that needs less clutter. Also, when looking for an item that you need, the color of the bin or storage unit will stand out, making the item easier to find.

How to Declutter Your Environment 

how to declutter

If you really want an organized living or working environment, then “a place for everything and everything in its place” will definitely be your new mantra.  When selecting a color scheme for your storage solutions, consider the adjacent surroundings.  The more you blend in with adjacent colors, the more serene the overall vibe you’ll receive.  Unless you have neutral colored items you want to store, it’s probably best to avoid clear storage units.  Viewing hot pink pencils or orange notebooks stored in clear container is distracting when the rest of the room is a restful blend of blues and greens.

Using Labeling

Of course, it is important to find all your “stuff” easily if you need to.  This is where keeping related items together and labeling comes in.  It will require some upfront time to gather all your things into their own piles, but once you do, put them all in one box and place a neatly typed label on the box.  If you need to stack your boxes, be sure to consider which boxes you will visit most often and make sure you have easy access to them.

Items that Don’t Match?

So what happens if you have more than a few items that do not all match with each other?  After all, one cannot expect that their entire wardrobe is color-coordinated.  When it comes to clothing items, it is surprising how much easier it is to find the blouse or slacks you want to wear if you hang all your clothing grouped together by color.  Need a red shirt to wear?  No problem, you’ll know right where to find one if you hang all your red shirts together.  If you have a few crazy-colored items like a wild orange blouse or a pink neon jacket and they are throwing off the look of your entire closet, store them in a clothing bag that blends in with all your other storage units.

Get Organized, Stay Disciplined

There is no way to avoid it, learning how to declutter does take some time upfront to accomplish.  However, once you have sorted your things, placed them in a proper storage area, neatly labeled them and stored them based upon need for access, you will experience the clean, fresh, restful environment you’ve been seeking.  Honor all the work you did by putting things back in their proper place so you can easily find them the next time you need them.  If there are some items in the room that still seems cluttered, find a storage unit for them.  Even disparate pens and pencils haphazardly strewn across a table are better tucked away in an attractive, labeled box.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

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