5 Packing Pointers for Your Summer Move

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DIY Packing TipsWhile many homeowners are staying put these days, summertime is still prime moving season for those who plan to relocate across town or across the country. If a house move is in your near future, save money and protect your belongings by doing your own packing with methods used by the pros. Here are a few pointers for your packing strategy.

Pack light, with layers: Avoid putting more than 40 pounds of gear in a moving box, and place the heaviest items on the bottom, cushioned with newspaper. Then put lighter items on top.

Mark each box: Mark each moving box with the contents and the room it should land in at your new home.

Use built-in boxes: Use household items as containers for linens and soft goods. Hampers, laundry baskets, storage benches and drawers are all possibilities.

Don’t pack important papers: Make sure to keep all important papers and records with you instead of packing them. Medical records, your kids’ school information, and vet records for your pets all need to remain handy as you transition to a new home.

And the most important DIY packing tip? Start early. Gather packing materials and reserve your moving van or truck about six weeks before your move date.

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