Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades Protect Floors, Fabrics and Furnishings from Harsh Sunlight

Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades from Lutron make for a simple, affordable room upgrade, providing privacy, practicality and convenience at the touch of a button. Raise or lower Serena Shades from anywhere in the room as daylight patterns change to avoid glare, keep out UV rays and protect floors, fabrics and furnishings. Serena Shades also allow you to increase privacy while reducing heating and cooling costs.

Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Cellular ShadesLutron’s Serena Remote Controlled Cellular Shades are battery powered and easy to install, with no wiring required. Innovative technology provides a three-year battery life with the use of standard D-cell batteries, and Serena Shades are available in styles, textures and colors to suit every room design. Learn more about Serena Shades and get started in the idea gallery at

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