Remove Wallpaper with New Strip+

 Strip+ Wallpaper Remover by Roman Decorating allows consumers to get rid of old wallpaper in hours, instead of days. Start by scoring the wallpaper. This is the process of sanding, scraping or perforating the vinyl surface of the wallpaper or border in preparation for removal. Scoring allows the removal solution to reach the paper backing of the wallpaper or border and dissolve the adhesive. Next, simply spray Strip+ Wallpaper Remover directly on the wallpaper. Wait 20 minutes; reapply if necessary. Wallpaper is immediately ready to remove by using a taping knife or wallpaper scraper.Remove Wallpaper With New Strip+®<br />
Wallpaper Remover By<br />
Roman Decorating

Powerful, yet completely safe, Strip+ Wallpaper Remover is made in a pleasant citrus scent.  We also like the cool pump bottle pictured above which is no doubt easier on on the hand musles than traditional spray bottles.  

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