How to Make a Pallet Christmas Tree

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If you’re looking for a fun new holiday decoration with a rustic feel, a pallet Christmas tree is a great option. It’s also an easy way to reuse materials that might otherwise be discarded. Finding used pallets for this project shouldn’t be difficult. Ask local stores if they have any unwanted pallets. A quick Internet search can also yield great results. Once you have your pallets ready, intermediate DIYers should be able to finish this project in an afternoon. Here’s what you’ll need to build your pallet Christmas tree:


  • Miter or Circ Saw
  • Power Drill
  • 1 ¼” Forstner Bit
  • 7/16 Socket Wrench
  • Prybar
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Hammer and Mallet
  • Nail Puller
  • Orbital Sander


  • 18” Round Pine Disk
  • ¾” Black Pipe 48”
  • ¾” Flange
  • ¾” Cap
  • 30-50 Pieces of Pallet Wood
  • 1 ¼” x ¼” Machine Screws (4)
  • ¼” Nut (4)
  • ¼” Washers (4)
  • 80 Grit Sandpaper
  • Wood Stain (Opt.)

When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear.


Accumulate and disassemble pallets. You’ll need about forty planks for this project, which translates to about seven to ten pallets. Once you have the pallets you need, disassemble them with a crowbar or a hammer.


Cut pallet branches to size. After disassembling, cut the pallet planks to size. Start with the large pieces you’ll need for the base of your tree, working your way to the smaller pieces up top. You should have around thirty boards when you’re done.


Cut pallet trunk. Cut the thicker pieces of the pallets into squares for your tree trunk. You’ll need three more of these cut than you do branches.


Mark and drill center holes. Mark the middle of each piece. Then, drill a center hole with a one and one forth inch Forstner bit.


Sand the wood. Sand every piece with an orbital sander to smooth sharp edges and remove splinters.


Assemble the base. Mark the middle of your pine disk, and align the flange to the center. Mark each of the four holes and drill a recess for the nut with your Forstner bit. Drill through the middle with a one fourth inch drill bit. Then, attach the flange to the base with your machine screws and nut, placing a washer in between the nut and the wood. Stand the base right side up on the ground. Dredge your pipe onto the base.


Assemble the tree. Place three square trunk supports on the pipe. Attach your first branch, alternating trunk and branch pieces until you reach the top. Finish the tree with your three fourth inch cap.

Decorate to your liking. Then, step back and revel in your new pallet Christmas tree.

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