Why Cheap Paint Costs More


Thinking of having the exterior of your house painted, but you’re looking for ways to save money on the project?  Whatever you do, don’t buy some cheap-o bargain paint.  Cheap paint is never a bargain.

When figuring the true cost of a big paint job, measure that cost on an annual basis and include both the cost of the paint and the cost of the labor.  The longer the paint lasts, the lower that annual cost becomes.

paint over caulk

Here’s an example, comparing top-notch premium paint and standard paint:

Premium Paint

Labor                                             $10,500

Materials (20 gallons @ $35)      $700

Total Cost                                      $11,200

Estimated life of paint job: 10 years

Cost per year: $1,120

Standard Paint

Labor                                              $10,500

Materials (20 gallons @ $20)       $400

Total Cost                                      $10,900

Estimated life of paint job: 6 years

Cost per year:                                $1,817

So as you can see, even though “bargain” paint may save you a couple hundred dollars at the time of purchase, it won’t last as long as premium paint once it’s on your house.  You’ll be needing to repaint a lot sooner than if you’d invested in top-quality paint to begin with.  If you always use cheap paint, then over the years, you’ll be spending more on your bottom line to paint your home more often.

Use high quality paint and have your home painted much less often, and save money in the long run.

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  1. Cheap Lucite paint I’d bought at a Menards in Chicago, actually it was free after rebate, almost killed me!
    About a year ago I painted my living room and hallway and soon after started noticing an irritation in my throat and eyes whenever I was in the room or hall. Other people noticed it too. I had no idea where it was coming from but it was getting worse by the day. The fumes were migrating into my bedroom, keeping me up at night, I began to have severe flu-like symptoms, and got to the point where I could barely function at all. I thought maybe there was something in my attic causing this and sealed all the electrical boxes and ceiling vents, to no avail. Washing all of the walls, floors, and ceilings didn’t help either, and neither did the “home air heath check kit” I’d ordered.
    After a month or so of this nightmare I was seriuosly at my wit’s end and was considering just burning the dam house down! It finally hit me that it might be the paint and went over every square inch of the cheap paint with a primer sealer.
    Guess what…I suddenly had my house back!
    The air is clear, I have no more sickness, and my friends aren’t afraid to come over anymore.
    I’m sure I’m not the only one that has gone thru, or is going thru, this freakish nightmare. I still have a small amount of this killer paint leftover and if you know where I could perhaps get it analyzed please let me know.


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