Lever Door Handles Make Entry Easier

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Lever handles make it much easier to open a door.  Next time you finish a messy outdoor project, think about what you have to do to get inside and clean up quickly.  The round door knob on your back door stands between you and your kitchen sink. You can’t turn that knob with your hands covered with garden dirt, paint or engine grease.

To solve this problem, many homeowners are getting rid of round door knobs. Young people with small hands can’t grab them. Older people with weak hands can’t turn them. And if you love to work on cars or weed the garden, they are a slippery nuisance. Switch to lever handles instead. You don’t have to twist or turn them. You don’t even have to grab them. All you do is press down on the lever handle’s flat surface and push. It takes only the touch of a closed fist or a finger. You can even open doors with an elbow if your hands are messy or full of packages.   Lever handles are also easy to install.  So take a few minutes and a few bucks and make life a little easier for yourself!

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