5 Tips for an Organized Homework and Home Office Space

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If your family’s squad of scholars is distracted and disorganized during evening homework sessions, you can make a few changes to create an organized home office space that will encourage academic success, homework help, and family harmony.

A truly smart office space can be created on the cheap with this quick lesson in office organization.

  1. Define the space: Whether you’re working with an entire room or a fraction of one, establish the borders of a home office for kids to accommodate the physical needs as well as mutual respect for its purpose. Strike a balance with easy observation for general safety as well as keeping kids off the video games and on task. Consider any possible environmental impacts like noise, a pleasant view, fresh air and possible distractions to help them complete their homework.
  2. Position office equipment for efficiency: Place printers and other peripherals, file storage and supplies within easy, convenient reach of the computer terminal, allowing enough wiggle room so that both right- and left-handed scholars will be comfortable in the office area.
  3. Create family-friendly office storage: Organize your home office by making sure everyone has their own bit of storage space within the shared homework zone with colorful bins, old-school-style lockers or a cleverly divided cabinet.
  4. Choose flexible furnishings: You’ll get more out of a small space with multi-purpose, moveable furnishing elements. Rolling chairs and storage carts and fold-out work surfaces are just a few of the possibilities.
  5. Power up: Finally, make sure your homework office space is well-lit, well-ventilated, and wisely networked for easy, efficient use. Phone and data lines may need extensions and additional light fixtures could be called for, so make upgrades economical by bunching all wiring projects together so that your local electrician can handle them in one fell swoop.

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