House Painting Color Tips and Tricks

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Do you want to make a small room seem bigger or bring a cavernous room down to size in your house?  Paint color and sheen can influence your perception on size and width of a room, so it’s time to dress your walls like you do yourself! Painting vertical stripes can make a ceiling seem higher, while painting bright colors can open up a space. 

Here are some more house painting color tips and tricks from the folks at the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute. 

To “Raise” or “Lower” the Ceiling:   If a ceiling feels too low, a bright white paint color can “raise” your perception of its height. By taking a cue from clothing designers, adventurous homeowners can paint their walls with vertical stripes to House<br />
Painting Color Tips and Tricksenhance the sense of height.  On the other hand, dramatic high ceilings may cause a living space to feel cavernous. To visually lower ceiling height, add a mid to deep paint hue on the ceiling. Another alternative is painting horizontal stripes on the walls.

To “Shrink” or “Expand” Rooms: Just as a dark monochromatic outfit can visually “slim” an appearance, a monochromatic paint scheme can do the same in a large space. Choosing darker shade of paint color for the walls will reign in a large room and create a cozy and intimate space.  Is your room too narrow and long? Just widen it with a paint color by painting the shorter walls a deeper color than the longer walls. If a paint color alone is not enough to change the perceived dimensions, use paint color combinations to create visual breaks. Divide your wall space horizontally with a chair rail and paint the upper and lower portions different paint color hues.

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