High Tech Tailgating Accessories

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Tailgating has evolved from a couple of guys in lawn chairs behind a pick-up in a far-flung corner of the stadium parking lot, to sophisticated soirees outfitted with high-tech accessories.  If you’re planning a tailgate party and don’t want to be outdone, here are a few items you’ll need to upgrade your celebration.

Portable Generator.  Portable generators are becoming a household staple, as more Americans realize the need for back-up power in the event of a power outage at home.  But portable generators can also be used during tailgating festivities.  Generac’s iX Series of portable generators are compact in design and feature inverter technology that reduces the size, weight and noise of the generator. The upgraded electronic filter provides clean, safe power eliminating interference with other electronic devices, and its low weight-to-power ratio makes for lightweight portability – a perfect accessory for your tailgating party.hightechtailgatingaccessories

Portable Toilet.  Food, drink and entertainment are nice, but nothing is more essential to tailgating revelers than convenient bathroom facilities.  TravelJohn created its Mobile Lavatory System for a grateful tailgating population, making that 500-mile trek to the nearest restroom – and standing in its long line – completely unnecessary.   The TravelJohn Mobile Lavatory System includes a privacy tent, a foldable commode chair, a three-day restroom kit including its disposable urinals, solid waste collection kits and even hand tissues, and a duffel bag.  Party on!

Tailgating Canopy.  If the back of your vehicle is Tailgating Headquarters and you’re the President of the Party, you’ll need a shelter befitting your position.  Bumperchute makes tailgating canopies that attach to the back of your vehicle.  They’re offered in a variety of styles, depending on your vehicle type and your individual needs.  Some are so elaborate, they even offer side “walls” with plastic windows for a space that’s largely enclosed against the elements.  Bumperchute canopies can shield you from a blistering sun and equally blistering cold winds, as well as protect food before it’s served.  It’s a tailgating accessory every tailgate party host will want.

Take a high-tech approach to your tailgating party, and you’ll show your guests a good time more sophisticated than they could’ve imagined a parking lot party could be.

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