Halloween Home Safety Tips

Once trick-or-treaters are on the prowl, the only spooky stuff about the experience should be clever costumes and ghoulish decorations at your doorstep.
Take time before the little goblins arrive to make your treat headquarters safe and easy to approach with this Halloween home safety checklist. 
  • Have fun with Halloween décor, but ensure that adornments don’t interfere with walkways, steps or lighting.
  • Make sure that those pathways and lighting fixtures are in good shape for the coming wintry weather.
  • Halloween Home Safety TipsImprove your Halloween home safety by addressing loose bricks, paving stones and uneven areas of walkways, and test bulbs in fixtures. You might also like to install a low-voltage lighting kit to illuminate the approach to your home, and add sensored security lights in dark corners.
  • If you decide to add some scary fun to stair railings, make sure decorations don’t hinder the ability to grab the railings for extra support.
  • Anxious pets and dramatically dressed visitors can unintentionally scare each other during Halloween festivities, so make sure your furry friends are safely quartered indoors from trick-or-treat traffic and spooky sounds. 
Haloween home safety can be achieved with these few steps.

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  1. I find it helpful to use the solar powered ground lighting. You can have a lot of fun with the spiderwebs covering them, yet the kiddies can still find their way up the sidewalk safely. Good advice in your article.

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