Choosing a Mattress That Will Guarantee You Sweet Dreams

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You spend a third of your life in bed, so the right mattress is a must. An old, saggy mattress doesn’t provide the support you need for healthy sleep, leaving you achy and sore in the morning. Five to seven years is the usual lifespan for a mattress, so if you’re due for a replacement, start shopping with a few mattress smarts in mind.

First, know the different comfort levels available. You can choose from firm, plush and pillow top mattresses. Firm is self-explanatory, and plush offers support but allows more pressure points to sink into the mattress. Pillow top is the softest of all. You may also spot labeling such as “ultra firm” and “super plush,” but don’t pay attention to the hype—there’s no regulation for these categories, so it’s tough to determine what they really mean.

Also be aware that the stuff that makes up a mattress can impact your comfort and well-being. Those with allergies and sensitivities should shop for mattresses constructed from all-natural, hypoallergenic materials like organic cotton, synthetic-free latex fills, and naturally flame-retardant wool casings.

Finally, be ready to test out mattress comfort levels in the showroom. You might mistakenly believe you need a firm mattress, when what you really need is the basic support you haven’t been getting from that worn-out mattress you’ve been sleeping on. As you shop, keep in mind that while higher spring counts can be impressive, the number of springs doesn’t really affect the comfort of the mattress in question. Try before you buy, and you’ll rest easy with your carefully selected mattress purchase!

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