5 DIY Tips for Wood Furniture Repair

furniture repair

From scratches to stains, your prized coffee table or TV cabinet will eventually bear the scars of life. As a natural material, wood can be restored to its former glory. These furniture repair hacks will give your wooden items a whole new lease on life, from vintage and upcycled pieces to modern items.

Before you start, always test on a small unseen portion before attempting any wooden furniture repairs in full.

#1 Water Rings

The tell-tale circular stain left from cups and glasses ruin the appearance of wooden furniture. This mark tends to happen when the top layer of the item is affected by the moisture on the base of a cup or tumbler.

But here’s the good news. The only thing  you need to banish these rings is a common household item – toothpaste!  Using a soft cloth, apply a little toothpaste to the water ring, rubbing gently. Add a little baking soda for stubborn stains.

furniture repair

#2 Fix Dents

Even dense, hardwoods can suffer an unfortunate ding or dent should something heavy  be dropped on its surface. To fix this, you all need is a damp cloth and an iron.

Behind this fix is some spectacular science! By flooding the dent with steam, it swells the wood and right before your eyes, the deep gauge disappears. But here’s the thing: you need to perform this furniture repair as soon as possible after the damage has been caused.

furniture repair

#3 Surface Scratches

The legs of wooden furniture are often banged around  when being moved, and  chair legs are particulalry susceptible to scratches that can become more noticeable over time.

The solution is to crack open a walnut;

  • Remove the walnut from its casing and rub the ‘meat’ of the but against the scratch, doing so several times
  • Leave for a few minutes allowing the oil of the nut to soak into the wood
  • Buff with a soft cloth

Walnuts are not the only solution that nature and chemistry offer us in the form non-toxic wood stains.

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#4 Deep Scratches

On the face of it, it sounds simple enough: to remove a scratch from a table, sand the surface down to the layer of the scratch and varnish. But this can ruin the character, the patina and the finish of the piece. So, put the sander away, because this is all about disguise.

Purchase a wax repair stick in the color that matches your table or item. If you can’t find the exact match, you may need to blend two wax colors together to get the right shade. To make this furniture repair, simply rub the stick across the scratch wiping excess wax with a soft cloth.

furniture repair

#5 Dull Appearance

The appearance of wooden furniture dulls over time so even if you don’t need to remove scratches or disguise stains, pep it up by using homemade wood polish and sealants.

Using a screw-top jar, mix equal amounts of olive oil and vinegar, shake well and apply to the wooden surface with a soft cloth. The vinegar lifts unseen dirt deposits and the oil nourishes the wood, bringing out the beautiful wood grain once again!

Furniture Repair

Wooden furniture is a beautiful feature of your home, so look after it with these quick furniture repair ideas.  For more expert tips check out the Wooden Furniture Store Blog.

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