Creative Holiday Uses for Painter

So you thought painter’s was only good for paint jobs? Surprise! This handy, easy-to-use home improvement tool has many creative uses, for both practical tasks and play.

Practical Uses

Furniture Lay-Outs. Thinking of moving things around? Measure your furniture and lay down tape lines to represent those pieces before you drag them around the room into positions that don’t end up working. Be sure to take into consideration furniture that extends, like sleeper sofas that will eventually need to be pulled out, and cabinet doors and drawers that need extra room when fully open.

Gift Wrapping’s “Extra Finger”. When you’re wrapping gifts along and need someone to “hold that flap down for a second, will you?”, look to your painter’s tape. It keeps paper in place until you’re ready to lay on the strip of permanent tape.

“Whose Cup is This?” At this year’s holiday gathering, vow not to waste cups and what’s in them. Instead of guests abandoning their drinks because they can’t remember whose-is-whose, give cups a personalized label so everyone can keep track.

Catalog Flags. Haul out that stack of catalogs and a roll of ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape, and use your painter’s tape to label the things you want Santa to bring. He’s a busy guy; he’ll appreciate it.

Leftovers Labeling. You don’t have to permanently mark your food storage containers. Write on a strip of blue painter’s tape and know what’s in the bowl and how long it’s been there

Holiday Decoration Storage. Did you buy those storage tubs on sale last year? Hmmm, chances are they look a lot alike. Know exactly which tub holds the ornaments and which tub holds the lights – label them with painter’s tape.

Untangled Holiday Lights. Keep strands of holiday lights neatly coiled by using strips of painter’s tape like you would twine or twist ties – only it’s stronger, and you can customize how long a strip you need to keep lights in place.

Uses at Play
Gingerbread House Stability. No, painter’s tape isn’t edible, but you could use it to help stabilize your gingerbread house’s foundation on a plate or other base.

Plays and Pageants. Places, everyone! Do you stage blocking with painter’s tape and everyone will know exactly where to stand for the big show. Not guaranteed to work for sheep, donkeys or other performing livestock.

Crafty Fun with Ornaments. Use ScotchBlue on tree ornaments to create stripe designs. You can create stripes by painting over the tape then lifting it off, or by using the blue tape itself as part of the design. Go wild!

Clean Lines on Cards. Homemade greeting cards? Painter’s tape can help create clean lines in your designs.
With a little imagination, a roll of painter’s tape can become so indispensible, you might even forget to use it when it’s finally time to paint the walls.

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