Closet Organization: Space-saving Solutions

Closet organization has become big business, an advantage for anyone looking for solutions to help them get more out of tight spaces and trim the clutter that slows down daily routines.
Many retailers offer closet organization products that can be combined with standard hardware store materials to build a much smarter closet -- all you have to do is take some measurements and make a list of what needs to go back into the closet once you've cleaned it out.
Add some of these money-saving closet organization solutions to your tally. 
  • Double your clothes storage: Many clothes closets can accommodate the addition of a second hanging clothes rod. Install one below the existing fixture and double your shirt space. Or add a modular wall system with multiple levels of hanging rods.Closet Organization: Space-saving Solutions
  • Install shelves: Pick up wire-rack or solid shelving components to lift cluttering shoe collections from the closet floor, stack sweaters or store handbags.
  • Divide and conquer: Add stable or sliding dividers to closet shelves for sorting ease and stacking safety.
  • Build around bins: You can create an easy-to-access cabinet within a closet space by combining shelving smarts with storage bins of any style and scale. Bring home your favorite finds in canvas, rattan or plastic and size your shelf design to the bins' dimensions.
  • Roll in space-savers: Sized just for closets such as shoe racks and two- or three-drawer cabinets, these space savers can really add to closet organization efforts. You can also create your own by adding casters to a basic box construction, drawer or cool crate.
  • Slim down your hangers: Save room for those inevitable wardrobe additions by switching in slim, nonslip hangers for your current supply. They'll keep clothes tidy while taking up much less space.
  • Don't forget the door: Hinged closet entries accommodate all kinds of over-the-door closet organizers to keep accessories accessible. You can also make room and a style statement by installing a series of decorative knobs and hooks.

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